Famous wineries of Piemonte

They produce some of the best world wines here:
Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Arneis

To say the least Italy is a “wine” country. Since 2007, the Italians are much ahead of the world-class wine leaders, France and Spain in the world winemaking ranking. The North-Western region of Italy, Piemonte is considered to be the most “wine making” one in the world wine list. They cultivate so many grape varieties and produce such volume of wines here that even the most sophisticated gastronomist cannot often immediately navigate and choose the best of them.

What makes the Piemonte region the wine making leader?

The region of Piemonte in the North-West of Italy is a unique place mysteriously combining favorable climatic conditions, fertile soils and exquisite varietal vineyards. Mountain chains of the Alps surround the region of Piemonte from three sides, giving effective protection and creating a specific microclimate allowing the true masterpieces of wine-making, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, grow in this land.

It is impossible to imagine the wine making tradition of Italy without Barolo, the king of grape drinks.

It rises above the rest of the world’s red wines like a cap of cream over milk. Experts compare Barolo with a wonderful man, whom you learn gradually, little by little.

Exquisite Barbaresco is considered one of the best Italian wines. Together with the Piedmontese Barolo, the “King of wines for the Kings”, it is among the ten best wines in the world. Barbaresco is an example of wine, the name of which is controlled at the legislative level. Only the product produced in Italy, in the region of Piemonte, can be awarded the name of Barbaresco.

The town of La Morra is located in the very heart of the famous wine-growing and wine-making zone of Piemonte. They produce some of the world best wines here: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Arneis. You can try as well as buy authentic Italian wines, including autochthonous – indigenous varieties, directly from local producers.

Staying at Altezza apartments in La Morra, you find yourself just a footstep away from the restaurants, where you can taste those famous taps of Italian wines. Moreover, in the numerous wineries you get to see firsthand the process of genuine Italian wine production.

Experts of good wine come to Piedmont to taste fine authentic, autochthonous wines of the province. No one’s in a hurry here. Here they know a lot about the Slow Food movement, which is to get maximum pleasure and delight while eating and drinking luxurious wine.

Trip to Piemonte wineries – one of the best ways to understand and start loving wine

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