Visit the Truffle Festival

Every autumn weekend, from end September to mid-November,
there is a “White Truffle Festival” in the main town of Alba

The first fair of the white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), which grows only in this region of Italy, was held in Piemonte, in Alba, a small town to the South of Turin in 1928. The fair hosted an exhibition and competition of famous truffles, and it was part of the harvest festival of the region. In 1932, the event acquired the official name of the “Truffle Fair”, and since 1963 it got the title: “International exhibition of white truffles from Alba” and became a national holiday.

Where to buy the best truffles?

The only one in the world “Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba” takes place in Alba every autumn, during 7 weekends, where you can taste and buy a certified version of the underground mushroom, as well as participate in an extensive entertainment and educational program.

The center of the event is the exhibition center, located in the historical center of Alba, for you to evaluate and buy the best truffles growing in the region, which quality is assured by the certificate of the expert Commission.

“Palio degli Asini”, a mad race of donkeys, takes place on the first Sunday of the big event in which nine villages in the region challenge each other. The race is preceded by a historic parade with more than a thousand of participants, during which each village reconstructs one of the episodes of the history of the Middle ages.

At the end of the festival, you can buy the best truffles in specialty stores of Alba for another two months.

Every autumn weekend, from end September to mid-November yearly, there is a “White Truffle Festival” in the main town of Alba, where everyone who feels like it can buy the unique delicacy at an international auction.

Unique «Truffle show»

All 7 weekends there is a “Truffle Show” – Alba Truffle Show, which hosts workshops, lectures and performances of the best local and international chefs, designers, writers and artists who share a passion for truffles, Italian culture and good taste. There are folk performances, live concerts and street performances.

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