Bicycling in picturesque places

Cycle routes passing through the vineyards
and offering the guests an unforgettable view of the Alps and the local hills

From early spring to late autumn, the small Italian town of La Morra is incredibly popular with outdoor enthusiasts. For every passionate fan of cycling, a trip around La Morra is an opportunity to get in touch with the magnificent nature of Piedmont and to breathe the true spirit of Italy. It is here that the man feels the very same symbiotic relationship with nature. Here you can take an unforgettable journey along the picturesque hills, through the vineyards and ancient estates, towering over the sophisticated landscapes, and enjoy the blessed scenic beauty and extraordinary microclimate of these places.

Everyone, starting from cycle tourists to amateur athletes, will be able to find a track to his choice in these places with the earth or asphalted roads.

Magnificent cycle routes

Start your cycling in the historic center of La Morra. Here, at its highest point, the panoramic tower of Belvedere square offers breathtaking views of the stretching vineyards, green hills, hazelnut plantations. There is an extravagant colorful chapel, painted by artists Saul Levitt and David Tremlett in 1999, very close to the square. Be sure to inspect it, it is a very interesting sight. Then you are free to choose the route to your choice up to your abilities and interests. Take the detailed town plan and the neighborhood guide at the tourist office of La Morra in Piazza Martiri.

Just 4 km from La Morera there is Barolo, the world wine center, 9 km away – Cherasco, famous for its antique markets and an annual feast of snails. Be sure to visit Novello – a city 7 km from La Morra, the observation square of which offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and vineyards, and Monforte d’Alba to see the extraordinary historical center of the city and the unique functioning amphitheater with a thousand years of history, where the national festival of jazz music is held.

La Morra has comfortable bike paths, well-groomed, asphalted and ground winding paths, leading travelers through magnificent vineyards, past the monuments of architecture and art, offering guests an unforgettable view of the Alps and the artistic views of the local hills (Langhe).

The routes are of different complexity and length. You will go among the soft hills, beautiful scenery that helps to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and forget about fatigue. You can enjoy just the beauty of nature, clean air, and the culinary art and masterpieces of local winemakers during the stops.

Many of the local towns and villages are honored with the “Orange flag” prize of the “Italian tourist club” for hospitable atmosphere, development of appealing touristic routes and surely for a huge number of delicious restaurants and natural wineries.

Stay in Altezza, experience the pearl of Italian Piemonte, feel the aroma and the taste of Italy.

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