Shopping at Serravalle discount center

180 brand boutiques sell shoes, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics
and many other things with permanent discounts of up to 70%

Discounts and promotions all year round, no need to wait for the sale season, prices drop down by 70 percent! Is it a dream? It is an everyday occurrence in the Serravalle discount center. Additionally, here you can buy branded clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes and much more, relax in cozy colorful cafes serving national Italian dishes, desserts and ice cream that will surely improve your mood and make your shopping really magical.

What is an outlet-center Serravalle?

This is one of the most popular outlets of Piemonte. And this is not a shop, but a whole shopping street, a block of 51,500 m2, with cobbled streets and an area with a fountain, beautiful old-fashioned buildings and clean narrow streets. Even if you do not make any shopping, that is almost impossible, you will indulge in the atmosphere of the ancient Piedmont-Ligurian village and enjoy your trip.

It will take at least 6 hours to get around all the boutiques and shops of Serravalle outlet center, but more than one day for evaluation of all best offers and making just the necessary purchases.

Just an hour’s drive from La Morra there is a famous discount outlet center Serravalle, a “magnet” for shoppers from around the world, with 180 brand boutiques selling shoes, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics and more with permanent discounts of up to 70%.

There is a parking area for 1,500 cars for car drivers in front of the shopping quarter, a lot of cafes and restaurants for lovers of gastronomic entertainment, and funny and safe game rooms for children. You can rent a baby stroller and a wheelchair, if necessary. Free Wi-Fi available.

Altezza apartments in La Morra are just 1 hour from the bustling and energetic Serravalle. Just an hour and you are on the best shopping in the world. When you get dizzy from the flashing brands, you can go back easily to the quiet and peaceful La Morra.

Serravalle houses all famous Italian and most of the world’s clothing brands, from classics to sports labels.

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