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La Morra has winding, perfectly manicured paths –
«7 Walking Paths of La Morra», 50 km long

Piccola La Morra is a small La Morra. In Italy they call so a Piedmontese town with a population of less than 3,000 people. However, the adjective “piccolo” cannot be called true, given that the glory of the town has long crossed national borders.

The town of UNESCO World Heritage

In 2014 году La Morra was listed among UNESCO World Heritage objects as part of Piemonte vineyard landscape « Langhe-Roero and Monferrato». La Morra was awarded the prize of the “Italian tourist club” the “Orange flag”, which is honored to small towns of the “Italian village”, providing the highest level of hospitality and unique national quality of service.

There is no fuss in La Morra, everything is unhurried and calm. Here you can forget about the furious rhythm of a big city and escape from everyday worries and anxieties, enjoying magnificent views of the local nature, mountain landscapes, vineyards, medieval monuments of architecture, art and, of course, unforgettable Piedmont cuisine and fine autochthonous wines of the region.

La Morra has winding, perfectly manicured paths – «7 Walking Paths of La Morra», 50 km long. Walking along them steadily, you can view the whole city: see the old churches, stop at observation decks and taste the colorful delights of the local cuisine.

There are 7 convenient itineraries developed by the Italian Association of events and tourism for convenient travel around La Morra, that will take the visitors of the city through the vineyards, small surrounding villages, forests and panoramic spots, past the monuments of architecture and art.

The shortest route is only 2.5 km long and can be walked at a leisurely pace in 45 minutes. But, staying in all the trattorias and cafes on the way, you can spend the whole day on it.

The longest route, with a length of 11.5 km, covers not only La Morra, but also the surrounding villages. It can be covered in about 3.5 hours. You are advised to start from the very morning to see thoroughly all the sights, admire the views and eat at a local gastronomy and Pasticceria, visit osterias and wine houses. You will see the famous floating Lebanon cedar, planted by the Faletti family in 1875, one of the most photography places in the vicinity of La Morra.

Experience the rest in a small town of La Morra surrounded by vineyards, gorgeous all the year round.

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