The Alps: climb up to 2000 meters

It is just 1 hour by car to get from La Morra to the highland
picturesque alpine towns

Translation of the name of the region Piemonte is “foothill” or “at the foot of the mountains.” It is here that the highest Alpine peaks of Italy are located: Monte Rosa, rising 4630 meters above sea level, and Mon Vizo – 3800 meters above sea level. Giant peaks, decorated with snow caps, delight with their grandeur. Perennial glaciers on the tops glisten in the sun, resembling precious stones.

The nearest ski resort Prato Nevoso, located 1600 m over sea level, is one-hour drive from La Morra.

Comfortable route to the Alps

The foothills of the Alps are less than an hour by car from La Morra. And it is not necessary to conquer the highest mountain peaks. You can choose a simple, sloping route just to feel the freshness of the mountain air and the sense of peace merging with nature, to come closer to the mighty stone giants and make the most beautiful pictures on the background of the snow-white mountain caps.

In Piemonte you can find ski resorts to different tastes. Numerous tracks cross along the spectacular slopes, descending into untouched valleys and plateaus, bathed in bright sunlight. There are routes for beginners and for more experienced skiers. There are trails for professionals. And experienced instructors will help those who never skied.

Mountain peaks of the Alps are one of the best places for a photo shoot. Clean mountain air, nature, which begs for the canvas of the painter, beautiful mountain routes, peace and relaxation of the nervous system – all of this at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

In addition to the Alps there are “Sacred mountains” in Piedmont, listed as a UNESCO world heritage. The sacred routes are just for walking. Each route passes through monasteries and churches.

The foot of the Alps is easily accessible by car from Altezza apartments. The trip takes less than an hour of your time. In three quarters of an hour after departure from the hotel, you will find yourself near the mighty mountains and can start the great mount to the legendary peaks and tops.

There are many objects In Italy, named holy or sacred mountains, but only 9 of them are marked by UNESCO, and 7 of them are on the territory of Piemonte.

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