Enjoy Italian cuisine

Tourists wishing to feel deeply all notes of the outstanding Piedmontese
cuisine choose exactly the town of La Morra

Together with art or architecture Italian cuisine is an integral part of the country’s history. For Italians food is a source of life, filled with national traditions, ancient legends, customs, aesthetics, developed by experience of many previous generations. At the same time, each region of Italy has its own, local dishes, which can be radically different from one province to another.

Traditional Piedmontese cuisine

Piedmontese version of Italian cuisine is recognized as the most refined, filigree and exquisite one. Piedmont is the center of the world-famous restaurants, regarded as a sight of Italy.

First of all, Piedmontese cuisine means fresh, natural, local products of high quality. Special features of the cuisine: abundance of snacks, fresh vegetables and herbs, red meat, flavored with butter, the legendary truffles, ravioli and delicate desserts.

Staying in Altezza in the town of La Morra, located in the very heart of Piedmont, you can feel deeply all the delicacy of the famous Piedmontese cuisine. It is possible to taste the famous Italian dishes almost anywhere in the world, but they are really true if cooked in Italy only! And do not care for your shape, the local cuisine is deemed the easiest, the most balanced and healthy.

Special Piedmontese cuisine is recognized as the most sophisticated, refined and exquisite one. It is in Piedmont that you can try the freshest white truffles, growing in this region of Italy only. Tourists wishing to feel deeply all notes of the outstanding Piedmontese cuisine choose the town of La Morra

Fine Piedmontese cuisine

Truffles of which everything is unusual: the place of growth, shape, aroma and taste

Well -known gorgonzola and castelmagno cheese – a perfect appetizer to the wonderful wines of Piemonte

Legendary desserts: chocolate almond pudding bonet, cream puffs bignole

Piedmontese chocolate, gianduiotti chocolates with hazelnut praline, known throughout the world

It is impossible to list all the fine cuisine of Piedmont. Come and try everything yourself!

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