Pick truffles with Tartufaio

The rarest white truffles grow in the vicinity of La Morra.
Hunting season for black truffles is summer, for white truffles – autumn

It is impossible to learn to be tartufaio, the truffle hunter, no one teaches it nowhere. This skill is passed down from generation to generation, and only the selected ones discover the tricks of the trade. In La Morra you can become the one of those selected, and an experienced tartufaio will lift the veil just for you, and you will be his only companion for the quiet hunting.

Truffle hunting

At night he wanders among the oaks, willows and poplars, holding a gnarled stick, following the nose of his dog, exclusively white, to be visible in darkness. He’s a truffle hunter.

A unique white truffle Tuber Magnatum Pico, appearing underground in symbiosis with poplars, oaks, limes and willows grows in the vicinity of La Morra. The nature around La Morra is the only one able to create this unique mushroom: “Mozart among mushrooms”, “the Holy of holies on the table”.

You can participate in this real hunting for truffles! Only in a few regions of Italy the soil and climate are suitable for development of mysterious truffles. The rarest white truffles grow in the vicinity of La Morra. Summer is the hunting season for black truffles, autumn – for white ones.

In Piemonte they call truffle the “environmental spy” because it can develop just in an environmentally friendly environment. Though black and summer truffle can be cultivated, the white “Alba truffle” can be only wild.

Staying in Altezza you can book a unique trip to the fabulous Italian forest accompanied by tartufaio and his dog. And who knows, maybe you will be lucky and find the most unique underground mushroom. Hunting season for black truffles is open all summer, and from early October to almost end of November, you can hunt for the famous white truffle.

Since 1928, the international exhibition and fair of the white truffle (Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba) is held every autumn in Alba, a town to the South of Turin. Here you can buy a certified specimen of the truffle, taste it in different dishes, as well as see festive live concerts, medieval costume parade and funny street performances.

Stay in Altezza, experience the pearl of Italian Piemonte, feel the aroma and the taste of Italy.

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