Holiday at the seaside in the town of Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure – these are sandy beaches, Ligurian streets,
lush vegetation and great mountains

Finale Ligure is a small seaside town that combines everything you need for a perfect holiday. These are the cleanest beaches, 4 kilometers long, historical sights, treasures of architecture, gastronomic masterpieces, great mountains and a lot of opportunities for a quiet, peaceful or, on the contrary, active and energetic holiday.

Finale Ligure — 4 kilometers of the cleanest beaches

Finale Ligure is a seaside Italian town in the Liguria region, in the province of Savona, with an area of 35 square kilometers only and the population of no more than 12 thousand people. It is a city with many artistic and cultural testimonies that have come down to us since prehistoric times, left from the history. Mild climate combined with unspoilt nature make this area one of the most beautiful pearls of the Ligurian Riviera, an ideal place to immerse yourself in a Paradise of art, culture, sports and nature.

Finale Ligure includes three districts, which were three different settlements in the past:

Finalmarina (Finale Marina) – an area right on the coast, recently inhabited thanks to the abundance of tourists in the summer.

Finalpia (Finale-Pia) – area on the coast, but with a more ancient origin.

Finalborgo (Finale Borgo) – an area listed among the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy.

There are other villages in the suburb of Finale Ligure, scattered like bright pieces of a multi-faceted, mysterious mosaic, here and there, in the mountain and coastal areas: Calvisio, Olle, Gorra, Monticello and Purdy San Bernardo and the famous Varigotti, with a beautiful beach and picturesque Saracen fisherman houses.

The most striking attraction of Finale Ligure are definitely the cleanest beaches: 4 kilometers of the coastal zone, closed by mountains, being the natural air conditioning. Finale Ligure beaches satisfy the tastes of any vacationer. From the sandy and easily accessible, to the exotic, closed, for those who want a useful adventure before a well-deserved swim in the sea.

Final Ligure has two important awards

“Blue flag” awarded to sea tourist resorts for the excellent quality of the sea, beaches, quality of beach services, natural area, cleanliness and waste disposal.

“Green flag”, awarded to sea resorts, compliant with recommendations of pediatricians with ideal features for recreation even with very small children.

If you want to do other activities, not just bask on the beach, Finale Ligure offers you a variety of outdoor sports: diving, paragliding, climbing and more. You can get involved in search for landscape, architectural and gastronomic treasures, theatre and music events. These are just some of the thousands of features offered by Finalese throughout the year.

Finale Ligure means thousands of facets of your feast of life, which are in La Morra just 1 hour 15 minutes from your apartment!

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