Recreation in La Morra

Get a lungful of fresh air of the local Langhe, enjoy the nature
and taste the best dishes of the Piedmontese cuisine

Staying at Altezza apartments, you will have a great time and find lots of interesting activities. Visit wineries and taste the best wines of Italy, dine in numerous osterias and restaurants, enjoy the delights of Italian Piedmontese cuisine, admire the amazing beauty of the vineyards and even hunt for truffles.

Visit the Piemonte wineries

Piemonte wineries are world famous. They produce the best wines of Italy and some of the best wines in the world. The major wines of the region are Barolo and Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. You can try as well as buy authentic Italian wines, including autochthonous – indigenous varieties, directly from local producers.

Enjoy the Italian cuisine

La Morra Piemonte is famous for its exquisite restaurants, where you can get to know the unique local cuisine, become a researcher of the incredible Piedmontese gastronomy. They serve a variety of dishes with the world-famous white and black truffles, which grow in this area of Italy only.

Unhurried rest with wonderful views

La Morra is surrounded by vineyards that are magnificent at any time of the year. The surrounding area of this small town is thread with winding, perfectly manicured paths, 50 km long, offering magnificent views of the Alps and Langhe. You can see the elegant fountains, ancient churches, stop at the numerous viewing platforms along the way, look around and have a bite of the colorful masterpieces of the local cuisine.

Bicycling in the picturesque places

The town has 7 cycling routes for adventure travelers, and you can buy a map of these routes in the town tourist center. Experienced travelers appreciate “7 Walking Paths of La Morra”. These are the well-groomed winding labyrinths of paths along the vineyards, offering amazing artistic views of the local nature.

Pick truffles with an experienced Tartufaio

You have a chance to participate in the real hunting for truffles! Only in a few regions of Italy the soil and climate are suitable for growth of the mysterious truffles. And rare white truffles grow in the neighborhood of La Morra. Hunting season for black truffles is summer, for white truffles it is autumn.

Visit the truffle festival

Every autumn weekend yearly, from the end of September to mid-November, the famous “White Truffle Festival” takes place in Piedmont, the main city of Alba, where anyone can buy a unique delicacy at an international auction.

Moreover, from La Morra you can visit

Serravalle: shopping with up to 70% discounts

The famous discount outlet center Serravalle is just an hour’s drive from La Morra, it is a “magnet” for shoppers from around the world, housing 180 brand boutiques selling shoes, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics and many other things with permanent discounts of up to 70%.

The Alps: climb up to 2000 meters

Mountain peaks of the Alps are one of the best places for a photo session. Clean mountain air, nature, which begs for the canvas of a painter, beautiful mountain routes, peace and relaxation of the nervous system, all of this at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. You can get here from La Morra by car in just 1 hour.

Holiday at the seaside in the town of Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure is a small seaside town combining everything you need for a perfect holiday. These are the cleanest beaches, 4 kilometers long, historical sights, treasures of architecture, gastronomic masterpieces, great mountains and a lot of opportunities for a quiet, peaceful or, on the contrary, active and energetic holiday.

Visit the Torino historical center

During your trip to Turin you will find everything that makes Italy a country of charm: magnificent squares, Royal residences, monumental cathedrals and churches, world-class museums such as the National Museum of Cinema and the National Automobile Museum. And, of course, the famous Piedmontese cuisine, which is especially excellent here, in the main city of the region.

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